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Step Up 120A High Flow 3 Phase 220v Material Pump

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The Step UP 120a from IMER is best described as a pure high flow material pump for self leveling materials and non shrink grouts. Its designed to give 9.5 cubic yard per hour performance efficiently and quietly in restricted jobsite environments. Unlike it’s brother the Step Up 120, the 120a comes without a built in mixer or compressor. Its sole mission is to pump large quantities of material through its high flow rotor/stator pumping system.

The 120a’s electric power system allows it to operate inside buildings and confined spaces and it’s narrow¬†width allows it to go through 36″ doorways to reach those confined areas. Its also the perfect pump for grouting block walls and being supplied by a ready mix truck. Its quiet operation makes it a great pump for in the city jobsites with noise restrictions.

  • Standard Equipment
    • Easy to operate electric control panel
    • Forward / Reverse operation for rotor/stator
    • Low voltage electric remote control with 120′ cable
    • 66′ power supply cord
    • 60.12 high flow rotor/stator
    • Vibrating hopper grate
    • 100′ 50mm (2″) material hose (1- 66′ + 1-33′) with cam ends
    • Accessory tool box
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