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Koine 35 220v Continuous Mixer / Pump / Spraying Machine

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The Koine 35 pump from IMER is one of the most advanced and versatile production pumps on the market today. It is packed with features that allow it to do a variety of applications yet is compact and highly portable making it perfect for interior or hi rise building work.

The Koine 35 is a continuous mixer style pump where the hopper is loaded with dry bagged material where a feeding wheel takes it into a mixing chamber where water is introduced and the material is mixed. This process allows for production applications without the huge mess normally associated with open mixers and water.  The rotor / stator then pumps the mixed material down the hose to a gun where air is introduced to spray or to an open hose end with an attachment for block filling or for spreading on a floor to level.


  • No one can match all these features:
    • Gear driven continuous feed impeller wheel provides dry material to mixing chamber
    • Self priming water pump can pull water from 55 gallon drum, no water hook up required.
    • Watering system is precisely metered for individual materials based on instructions and only needs adjusting once then can pump all day.
    • Easy clean up mixing chamber with different material paddles available
    • Advanced electrical panel with 4 speed invertor.
    • 4 speed material flow of 17/23/30/36 cubic feet per hour
    • Built in 9CFM Compressor.
    • Only 27 inches wide to fit thru any doorway
    • Pump or Spray up to 125 feet away.
    • Spray fireproofing, repair mortars, or cementitious stucco’s with ease.
    • Pump self leveling grouts or fill blocks with high strength grouts.
    • Single Phase 220v 5 hp motor with gear reduction drive system to paddle
    • Low 36″ hopper loading height
  • Each Koine 35 comes standard with:
    • Eco Star Violet Rotor / Stator
    • Continuous mixer
    • Self priming water pump with advanced adjustable water flow system
    • Advanced control panel with 4 speed invertor
    • 64′ of electrical cord
    • 64′ of 9/16″ water hose
    • 50′ of 13mm air hose
    • 50′ of 25mm / 1″ material hose
    • Material delivery pressure gauge
    • Mortar Spray gun kit
    • Hose cleaning kit with tool box
    • Mixing chamber clean out tool
    • Remote pneumatic control


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