Booster 15 Towable Hydraulic S Valve Concrete Pump

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The IMER Booster 15 is the most compact towable high performance concrete pump available anywhere on the market today. The diesel powered swing tube S valve, Booster 15 is designed to pump up to 1″ aggregate concrete through 4″ pipe or hose. Its compact size makes the Booster able to function in limited space jobsite areas where no other pumps of its capability could fit. Super affordable, costing thousands less than competitors pumps, the Booster 15 can do a variety of jobs including shotcrete. Anyone in the market for a small concrete line pump would be foolish not to thoroughly look at the Booster 15 and it’s capabilities.

  •  Compare these features:
    • High performance liquid cooled 35 hp Diesel motor
    • Twin cylinder hydraulic piston pump system with reverse
    • S-valve with self seal collar is auto compensating for wear to maintain seal
    • Two separate hydraulic oil cooling systems for heavy duty cooling
    • Heavy duty hopper with hinged vibrating grate and two way hydraulic mixer
    • Four function wired remote control standard with wireless control optional
    • Torsion bar suspension for smooth towing with surge brakes for extra safety
    • Articulated adjustable tow bar for different tow hitch heights
    • Front mini wheel for easy moving and positioning
    • Sound proofed engine compartment for operator comfort
    • Optional kit available for shotcreting
  • Each Booster 15 comes standard with the following:
    • Antivibration control panel with electric controls
    • 90ft of 4″ steel pipe with heavy duty steel couplings (9 sections 10ft each)
    • Heavy duty clamps
    • 4 function remote control via cable (wireless optional)
    • Hopper grate with 12V vibrator
    • Piston head installation and extraction tool kit
    • Auto greaser system
    • Accessory box
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